6 07 2010

It’s funny, ’cause that’s what’s on my mind.
Last Sunday the pastor was giving a sermon about prayer and yes, God is omnipotent and omnipresent so he can hear your “thought prayers” (the ones you don’t speak aloud) but He prefers when you profess them, and boldly at that.

In the whole Bible all prayers are never whispered or narrated as if they were just though in their heads, but rather they where proclaimed.

Also, when asking things in prayer you have to come boldly and righteously. Ask for things that are in His will and he will grant them and sometimes he will grant things that are out of His will just to show you why you shouldn’t ask for it in the first place.

Anyways, more to come.


Sin Escape

1 07 2010

You know what’s amazing and mind boggling?

The fact that under every circumstance we can avoid sin. What I mean by this is that we were given the power to deny sin and whenever we feel like sinning that we don’t have to do it. There is always a way out no matter how bad or grim things look.

Job never cursed God throughout all of his miseries and woes and Jesus never fell into temptation when given the chance. He was tempted by the Devil, ironically enough though, is the fact that the Devil used scripture to back up his claims (or at least try to).

Introductions Are In Order, I Suppose

24 06 2010
New Convervative Blog

So, this is a brand new blog (as you can see) and it will grow.

What exactly am I going to write about? Well, the things that matter most, God, country and family. This will include among other things:

Politics – I’m conservative by the way. Not just fiscally conservative, but also morally conservative (if that makes sense).

God- The Bible. Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. Now, just to make things very clear, Jesus is the only way to the father, no ifs, ands or buts about it. The Holy ghost is real and is part of the Holy Trinity. Not only that, but I think that this nation was founded by Judeo-Christian principles and our founding fathers had their act together. Also, I will defend the word with not just the word, but with other points as well. You’re not going to find a wuss-bag Christian here.

Family- I don’t have children yet, but when I do I will post more about that aspect.

What makes this blog different that all other blogs all around the web? Well, besides the fact that it’s not a liberal blog (zing!) I’m 18. What this means to you readers is that you will get a unique perspective on the things that I am going to be writing about. You are going to get a very unique perspective on the world since I’m a Christian, 18 and a conservative. More than that, I have a pretty good sense of humor (if I do say so myself) and sometimes that will inspire some random posts.

Last thing as I know it will be on your mind. How long are my posts going to be? Most likely around 3 or 4 paragraphs with a source at the end. However, there are going to be times when I will ‘vent’ and write PHD length posts on here.

Hope you stick along for the ride,